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Posted on Fri January 22, 2021.

Traditional Myanmar lacquerware, or “Yun Hde”, is one of the country’s most famous handicrafts and has a very unique style. Myanmar Lacquerware has a long tradition and the art of Lacquerware had existed mainly at Bagan, central part of Myanmar in 11th to 13th century A.D. Myanmar Lacquerware is widely used as kitchen ware, jewelry boxes souvenirs, home decorations and petitions. One of the oldest lacquers was indeed discovered in the pagoda Mingalazedi, one of the built last with Bagan (at the 13th century). Bagan is the major center for the lacquerware industry where the handicraft is still practiced in the traditional manner. Myanmar Lacquerware is ‘hand-made products’ or ‘handicrafts’ and it is made of lacquer and molded bamboo strips. This work is difficult and time-consuming (six months to a year for a single item), involving teamwork and seven steps— making the inner parts, lacquering, drying, washing, polishing, 7 layers of lacquering and decoration.

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Myanmar National Sport - Chinlone or Cane Ball

Posted on Wed January 20, 2021.

Chinlone – A Traditional Sport that Identifies Myanmar

Have you ever wondered how an ancient, non-competitive sport actually happens? Well, in Myanmar, a traditional sport that is more on sole teamwork rather than competition actually exists – that is what Chinlone is.

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American Doctor ‘Gordon Seagrave’

Posted on Tue November 17, 2020.

Once Upon A Time …

About Author of Burma Surgeon, American Doctor ‘Gordon Seagrave’, who is in the heart of his beloved natives, Namkham people.

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Pack Up for Travel Beyond Pandemic

Posted on Tue November 17, 2020.

Top 10 Adventure Activities in Myanmar !

These places are less crowded and have had less/none covid-19 hit, as well as mysterious, cultural richness and natural beauties for a traveler who is looking for spiritual inspiration and an adventure.
Here are our recommended things for your Myanmar travel beyond pandemic !

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Health and Safety

Posted on Fri August 21, 2020.


Our extensive Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines ensure you're looked after.

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