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Awards & Responsible Travel

At Asian Tour, we strongly believe in Responsible Travel and Corporate Social Responsibility. We believe that through sustainable tourism, we can achieve socio-economic development of local communities whilst protecting the natural environment and cultural heritage. It is our promise that we ensure every traveller has sustainable, authentic, and comfortable interactions with local people, businesses, transportation, and cuisine.

Asian Tour designs and operate our holidays in a way that gives the highest degree of long-term economic benefit to our host communities, whilst maintaining the natural environment, local culture and traditions. All our tours are run by local guides and experts, to which our partnerships bring benefits to the local community. We work with our local suppliers closely, encouraging them to implement and achieve the standards of our Code of Conduct.

We have a responsibility towards society to be good corporate citizens, from having a sustainable supply chain to upholding ethical practices and human rights.


Travelife Partner

Asian Tour is a pioneering Destination Management Company (DMC) not just in Myanmar but also Asia, complying with the standards of corporate social responsibility as recognized by our Travelife Partner Award. Travelife is the leading international sustainability certification for the travel industry, in which standards cover the ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility themes. These include protection of environment, biodiversity, human rights and labour laws; and is formally recognized as being in full compliance with the UN supported Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria. 


Tourcert Qualified

Asian Tour is proud to be the first TourCert certified travel agency in Myanmar. We are now a member of the TourCert community and are qualified in maintaining the high ecological and social standards of TourCert. | TourCert unites experts in tourism, academia, environment, development, and politics. All TourCert criteria are based on the international quality and environmental management standards according to the ISO and EMAS as well as the ISO guidelines for corporate responsibility (ISO 26000), and are also oriented to the international regulations of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).  

Improvment Review By TourCert :

" We are happy to see that you have succeeded in achieving several goals and making your business more sustainable. We are pleased to be able to follow and accompany your development and wish you every success in the implementation of further measures." Alexandra Tarasova | TourCert GmbH 


Asian Tour's Sustainable and Responsible Travel Policy

As a responsible travel company, we at Asian Tour are committed to the Code of Conducts of Corporate Social Responsibility, together with our German-based partners and the Travelife Sustainable System. Our involvement in responsible tourism includes primarily supporting and funding monastic schools at present.

In order to broaden our project in Myanmar, we welcome your ideas for sustainable practices and activities. Together, we can use tourism to make the world a better place.

Economic responsibility

  • We do not discriminate, and we employ Myanmar locals of various ethnic and religious groups. Our guides in the different regions of Myanmar are all locals. All our office staff and guides receive job training including IATA Travel and Tourism Training Courses, Customer Service Training Modules, CSR Training Courses, Sustainability Management for Tour Operators Program, and language courses.
  • We organise and strongly promote Community Based Tourism (CBT) and Community Involved Tourism (CIT) programs, and we make use of local businesses, products, and services in our tours.
  • As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we support orphanages, donate to local communities, and work on social projects. We choose to work with charitable organisations over regular tour providers whenever possible.

Social responsibility

  • Before arriving to Myanmar, we sent all our clients the ‘useful information’ sheet about economic history, politics and general information the traveler might need. This sheet also provides tips to travelers on best practices while traveling (codes of conduct / guidelines for sensitive excursions or activities).
  • Upon arrival, our well trained guides explain more detail about Myanmar economics, history, politics, arts and culture.
  • When booking a tour or a trip, the traveler is given a clear description of what the tours entail, as well as information on how to minimize damage to local cultures.
  • We well inform our clients about sustainable offers such as eco-friendly accommodations and excursions, and about sustainability issues in their destination.
  • Our guides inform travelers of responsible and ethical places to purchase from local sources during their visit. We introduce our guests to local artists, projects and social cooperatives, promoting fair trade.
  • Furthermore, our trips contribute to diversify local economies, to give employment to local communities as well as motivate for younger people.
  • We co-operate with the government, other agencies, NGOs, partner companies and local suppliers to protect archaeological sites, items and traditions of cultural heritage.

Environmental responsibility

  • We educate the local community and raise awareness about environmental issues and responsible behavior.
  • In our office we strive to take measures in order to reduce damage to the environment. This includes measuring, monitoring and reducing our consumption of utilities and products.
  • We encourage our office staff and guides to take an active interest in responsible and sustainable tourism and train them accordingly so that they can put our policies into practice.

For further information on our sustainability policy, commitments & actions, please contact (Mr) Kyaw Pyay Oo via email: [email protected]

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