• An Experiential Tour Company
    An Experiential Tour Company

    Asian Tour offers a complete range of professional travel services in Myanmar and Indochina Region, mainly based in Yangon

  • Driven by Responsible Tourism
    Driven by Responsible Tourism

    All our tours are run by local experts, that is main benefit to local community.

  • Your B2B Travel Partner in Myanmar
    Your B2B Travel Partner in Myanmar

    Asian Tour is a bespoke tour company that specializes in providing comprehensive and unique experiences for B2B partners worldwide.

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Myanmar's famous golden pagodas are key in Myanmar tourism, picture taken by social media influencer Anita Sane from The Sane Travel
Featured Article by Latvian Influencer: 12 Reasons to Visit Beautiful Myanmar by Anita Sane

12 reasons to visit beautiful Myanmar When I was getting ready for my trip to Myanmar, I told my friends about my next destination. I got two reactions, the first was, is it safe to go to Myanmar? The second: nobody goes there. Yes, statistics prove that Myanmar is the least visited country of Southeast Asia, mainly because of long years of military regime there. But the situation has changed since 2016...

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The Exotic Myanmar Wedding

One of the most amazing things about our world is how the same action or tradition can be implemented so differently across cultures. Take marriage for instance; it is practiced around the world, but the way a wedding is celebrated varies immensely across cultures. All over the world, weddings are rituals which join together two people - a man and woman coming of age and coming to love one another, and choosing...

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The Salone Tribe: Sea Gypsies of Myanmar

The Salone, also known as the Myanmar ‘Sea Gypsies’ or ‘Men of the sea ’, live a traditional lifestyle on the Southern part of the Myeik Archipelago, off the coast of Myanmar. Also known as Moken, many of the Salone are still nomadic people, and are among the smallest minorities in Myanmar.

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