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Our Asian Tour Family

Strong believers in racial and religious harmony, our company just like our country, is diverse yet united in our shared goals. We are Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists, hailing from every corner of Myanmar. Yet, we came together to achieve one common goal - our Asian Tour vision.

Led by our experienced directors Kyaw and Pamela, our team of destination management experts are young, confident, energetic and fun-loving, and are always happy to craft travel packages tailor-made to best suit your travel needs and desires.


Co-Founder and Managing Director

KYAW PYAY OO – the Managing Director, with a Diploma in Applied Geology (Petroleum Exploration), is a true visionary who is passionate about catering to travelers needs. Working together with Pamela, Kyaw is constantly working with the team to provide Asian Tour clients with the very best experiences.

Being a seasoned traveler and geologist, Kyaw can be described as a strategist who understands how to create unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime moments for his clients. Little wonder the company has grown tremendously, in quality service delivery and relevance – receiving both local and international recognition.


Co-Founder and Director

PAMELA POTH POTH LWIN  – Director and co-founder of Asian Tour, is a passionate travel planner, and an energetic entrepreneurial expert with an exceptional passion for details. Pamela knows that it is those small, seemingly irrelevant details that make the biggest impact. She indeed has exceptional organizational skills with her 20+ years of experience in tourism.

Pamela’s years of experience in the luxury travel industry, her passion for travel, combined with her skills in professional customer service, are just a handful of the reasons why she is Asian Tour’s trusted Luxury Travel Planner.

Than Lwin


Business Development Director

Than Lwin, originally from Yaysagyo town, near Bagan, has many years of experience in managing group travel and has been to the furthest corners of the country. He joined Asian Tour in 2012, after his government service. Than Lwin is excellent in motivating the team and is responsible for our company’s high morale. He upholds our company’s values and ensures constant effort is made to fulfil our mission of responsible travel and corporate social responsibility.

In his leisure time, Than Lwin enjoys reading, practicing meditation, and following the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Asian Tour Myanmar, TourCert Certification

International Sustainability Recognitions

At Asian Tour Myanmar, our dedication to responsible and sustainable tourism has been acknowledged internationally. We're proud recipients of sustainability certifications from TourCert Germany and Travelife Netherlands. These accolades reflect our ongoing efforts to support environmental preservation, local development, and fostering meaningful partnerships within the travel community. Our commitment extends to offering our guests options for contributing positively during their travel experiences, reinforcing our pledge towards a more sustainable and responsible future in tourism.

Asian Tour Myanmar at ITB Berlin

Global Connections: Meeting and Serving Our Partners Worldwide

We go beyond digital communication, actively participating in travel trade shows globally to personally connect with our partners and clients. This direct approach helps us deeply understand and cater to your unique travel needs, ensuring tailored and responsive services. Our commitment to building strong, face-to-face relationships establishes us as a reliable partner in the travel industry, dedicated to making every journey an unforgettable experience. Trust in our hands-on dedication to be your guide and ally in all your travel adventures.

Myanmar Tourism Marketing Annual General Meeting 2023

Collaborating with Peers to Promote Destinations Effectively

At Asian Tour Myanmar, we actively collaborate with various tourism stakeholders and national associations. This partnership is twofold: it enhances our service quality and plays a crucial role in promoting Myanmar as a sustainable travel destination. Our joint efforts are aimed at showcasing the best of Myanmar’s tourism, emphasizing sustainable practices to ensure the long-term benefit of the region. By uniting with peers in the industry, we aim to elevate the travel experience in Myanmar, ensuring that it remains a vibrant, eco-friendly, and culturally rich destination for all to explore and cherish.

Asian Tour Intern Trainings

Empowering Our Team and Interns for a Stronger Tourism Industry

At Asian Tour Myanmar, we believe in the continuous growth of our team and the broader tourism industry. To this end, we offer advanced tourism service training to our employees, whom we consider family. Additionally, we extend our expertise to interns from tourism universities and schools. Our comprehensive training programs are designed not just to enhance individual skills but also to contribute to the overall development of the tourism sector. Through nurturing talent and sharing knowledge, we aim to elevate industry standards and ensure a vibrant future for tourism in Myanmar and beyond.


Asian Tour Local Bag and Reusable Water Bottle

Embracing Sustainability: Our Green Initiatives

Asian Tour Myanmar, a dedicated Responsible and Sustainable Tour Operator, is committed to going green in every aspect. Our giveaways are carefully chosen to align with sustainable goals, featuring locally-made items like environmentally-friendly traditional Myanmar bags. We champion the use of reusable water bottles as part of our initiative to reduce plastic usage. By exclusively utilizing local products, we not only support local workshops and businesses but also contribute to the community's economic growth. These practices underscore our dedication to sustainability and the positive impact on both the environment and local culture.

Asian Tour Water Donations

CSR Commitment: Supporting Communities in Need

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative is deeply rooted in supporting local communities, especially during challenging times like the pandemic. Asian Tour Myanmar has actively engaged in donating essential groceries, including rice and oil, to those in dire need. Our commitment extends to addressing critical needs in Myanmar's dry zones, where we have made concerted efforts to provide water to areas facing severe shortages. These actions reflect our dedication to not just being a tour operator but a compassionate entity playing a vital role in uplifting and supporting the communities we serve.


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