• Sustainability

Responsible Travel

At Asian Tour, we firmly believe that Responsible Travel achieves the sustainable development of destinations by minimising negative impacts and maximising positive ones for both the environments and the people. We design and operate our holidays in a way that gives the highest degree of long-term economic benefit to the host communities, whilst also maintaining and/or improving the environment. We craft our tours to ensure every traveller has authentic interactions with local people, businesses, transportation, and food and drink. All our tours are run by local experts, that is main benefit to local community.

Local Suppliers

We work with our local suppliers closely, encouraging them to implement to our Code of Conduct. We trust in these local suppliers do their utmost to respect and achieve the standards we set out. We have a responsibility towards society to be a good corporate citizen, from a sustainable supply chain to ethical human rights.

Travelife Partner

The Travelife, is the leading international sustainability certification for the travel sector, standard is covering the ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility themes, including environment, biodiversity, human rights and labour relations; and is formally recognized as in full compliance with the UN supported Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria. Asian Tour is pioneer DMC in Myanmar and Asia complying cooperate social responsibility, recognized as Travelife Partner Award.

Tourcert Status

First TourCert Agency in Myanmar with Guranteed Quality |  TourCert unites e xperts in tourism, academia, environment, development, and politics. All criteria catalogues of TourCert are based on the international quality and environmental management standards according to ISO and EMAS as well as the ISO guidelines for corporate responsibility (ISO 26000) and are also oriented to the international regulations of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Asian Tour is a member of the TourCert community and qualified regarding the ecological and social standards of TourCert.  

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