• Bagan Photo Tour

Bagan Photography Tour With Top Notch Photographer

If you love photography, Bagan is heaven!

Bagan is better known as the photographic paradise. This tour is designed for those who want to join with Top Notch Photographer for capturing the Magnificent Sunrise & Sunset, the magical landscape, breathtaking vista, wonderful heritage sites and the beautiful local portraits.

Price is a little expensive but you can get miraculous photography that you never imagine before.



Full Day

Bagan Photography Tour

Wouldn’t it be a fantastic experience to spend time with a professional photographer? You can have a chance to learn from him to improve your own photography.


Bagan Maung Maung (international award-winning photographer) who is one of the top photographers in this field and he has awards from Japan, USA, Canon, UNESCO and Ritz.  He shoots the epic sunrise & sunset, balloons, shrines, architecture, and amazing local people and sells his photos from a small shop in the entrance to Ananda temple in Bagan Myanmar. He lives Bagan, that’s why he knows every places, he understands how important light is for good photography & the optimal times of the day to see the temples in the best light and also the best of sunrise and sunset time. 


Your Photography tour start at 08:00, meet with Bagan Maung Maung and practice your portrait photography with typical Burmese monks, shrines, architecture and paranomic views. And then, proceed to the Shwezigon South Moth (About 30 min) and Sutaung Pyae Pagoda. After, continue to Gubyauk Gyi Monastery and Taungbi Monastery for capturing Monks food offering. Next, visit to the Ananda Pagoda and Bagan Maung Maung’s Photo shop to explore about his International award-winning photography.  In the afternoon, return to your hotel and take a rest for refreshment.


After refreshment, start again your photography tour round about 3:30 PM. Travel to DHAMMAYANGYI Temple, Ta Wet Gyi Temple and SULAMANI Temple to capture the magical landscape, breathtaking vista, wonderful heritage sites, a herd of cows walk back home on dusty road during sunset and with children on their way home from school. For your final Photo, continue to an elevated viewpoint to capture an unforgettable sunset over the plains. He shares with you the secrets of unforgettable Bagan’s beauty and whilst photographing all the above, more you have a chance to learn how to take great photos and sure, you can get the unparalleled photo from only talented photographer Bagan Maung Maung.

Optional : If you want to capture epic sunrise among Temples of Bagan round about early morning 5:00 AM, we will arrange for you.


What's include

  • Full day untouch photo tour with top Myanmar Photographer Bagan Maung Maung